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Products are items that your users can purchase in exchange for various offers in your gaming community. These coveted items serve as rewards, upgrades or access passes, enriching the gaming experience and providing users with exciting opportunities to progress, customize or unlock exclusive features.

To create a product for a certain game you need to do several things:

  1. Create a webstore category. This can be done from Store > Categories 
  2. Integrate your dedicated game server with our platfrom. This can be done from Integrations > Servers

When you are done with these things, you will be able to create your 1st product. 

To create a product:

  1. Go to Store > Products
  2. Click the button "New product"
  3. Select one of the game.


Basic information:

  • Name: Your product name
  • Image: Option to upload a image (Recommended size 190x155)
  • Price: Your product price. If you set the price to 0, this will be count as free product.
  • Category:To which category the product should belong to.
  • Recurring Payment: From here you can set what type of payment this product should be. We offer several options:
    1. Only charge the customer once: This option will charge the customer only 1 time.
    2. Charge a recurring subscription: This option allow your users to subscription for a specific product from your store Note! If there are valid subscriptions for given product you won't be able to delete the product. Or in case you change the product price after the user has already subscribed to the price, the subscription price will not change!
    3. Allow one-time payment & recurring subscription: This allows the user to choose whether to subscribe to the product or buy it once.
  • Description: This is the description of your product and you can use the WYSIWYG editor to customise the text with colours etc.


This is where you need to configure your commands that will be executed by our plugin for the specified game.

  • Server/s: The server(s) that commands must be executed
  • Server commands: These are the preset commands that will be executed for the selected command server(s). These commands can be controlled from Integrations > Servers > Commands
  • Discord  commands: This is option, if you want to executed discord commands. These commands can be controlled from Integrations > Discord > Commands
  • Commands to be executed after purchese: These are the commands that are valid only for the product. 
    Currently, our platform supports only the following variables that can be used in your commands
    1. %player%: That will add the user username to the command: Example say hello from %player%
    2. %item%: That will add the product name the the command: Example say %player% bought %item
    3. %steam_id%:
     That will add the user steam Id to the command. This is used most of the times for games such as CS:GO


This section you can configure the product limits such as one time  Purchase the product only once (per user).

  • Purchase the product only once: If this option is enabled user will be user will be allowed to buy the product just once
  • Global limit: If this option is enabled, you'll be able to set global limit for the product (for all users)
  • User limit: If this option is enabled, you'll be able to set limit per user
    Both of the limit options (global and custom) have sub-options:
    1. Limit type: That can be No period, Weekly, Monthly or Annually.
    2. Limit: How many times the product can be purchased. For the selected period.
  • Required products: Here you can select required product that user must  purchase before purchase the product
  • Allowed users: Here you can add users that can view/buy the product. This is great option if you want to give a specific user great product price.

Other options:

  • Does the player need to be in the server: If this option is enabled, our plugins will check if the user is online and only then execute the commands. This option depends on the game.
  • Can the user gift this product to other players: Activate this option if you want the product to be able to be purchased as a gift.
  • Should this item be shown to users: Enable this if you want the product to be displayed in your web store
  • Enable quantity option: If this option is enabled users will be able to change the product quantity. This is great option if you webstore have products such as "Create keys"
  • discount in %: The product disocunt in %.
  • Discount Start Date: The discount will be activated after this date.
  • Discount End Date: The discount will be end after this date.

Recommended product

This option allow you to show the product in your main webstore page and checkout page.This option is part ouf our "Upselling products" and you must have plan "Plus" to see it.

To use this option you must have enabled Upselling products module.

  • Show as Recommended product: Enable this if you want to show the product.
  • Show until date: Until when the product should be displayed as Recommended product.

Last update: 11-Apr-2024

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