Webstore Categories

Categories are what Products are placed in on your webstore. They allow you to organise your products into sections

To create category:

  1. Go to Store > Categories
  2. Click on the button "New category"


  • Name: This is the name of your category and how it will appear on your webstore navigation bar.
  • Category URL: In this field you can enter a custom address to point to the category. For example, create-keys, when a user visits website.com/store/create-keys, all products for the category will be displayed.
  • Category description: This is the description of your category which will appear on the webstore category page.
  • View mode:  Choose if to display images of products in the category or instead only display the products names.
  • Parent Category: If you'd like this category to be a subcategory of another category you can select this here.
  • Activated: Enable this to show the category in your web-store.
  • Hide the products in the category from non-logged users: Enable this if you want non-logged users to see the products.
  • Show only non-required products: Enable this to hide all required products in the category.
  • Hide already purchased products: Enable this to hide all already purchased products by user.

Permission Tab

In the permission tab, you will see a variety of permissions. As these permissions will only be checked if you have groups added

Last update: 01-Aug-2023

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