Website Groups

Website groups helps you to manage your website users by giving them groups and permission to where they need.

How to create new group?

  1. Go to Groups
  2. Click the button "New Group"


  1. Name: Group name. Example Admin
  2. Use group: Username color when a user has a group. Please note that only custom template can support this option.
  3. Group color: Group color. By default this is used only for our Forum Module. Developers may use it when they need it.
  4. Default group: If you set this option to "Yes" all members will have this group as default.
  5. Guest group: If you set this option to "Yes" the group will be used as groups for guests.(Your website visitors that are not-logged)
  6. Activated: Enable this if you want the group to be used. If is disabled our platform won't use the group.
  7. Whitelisted group: Enable this option to use group-based access control as part of the server's whitelist feature. When activated, the plugin checks if users are part of any group with this setting enabled. Access to the server is granted only to users in these groups; all others will be denied entry and kicked from the server if the whitelist is active. This setting is crucial for enforcing selective access based on group membership.
  8. Access the control panel: Enable this if you want to use the group as Team Group. 
    "By selecting 'Yes,' you will unlock a range of options to customize the access and permissions for your team within this group. This will empower you to specify the pages and actions that your team members can access, ensuring a more tailored and secure experience. Don't hesitate to explore the possibilities and take full control over your team's access rights. Let's enhance collaboration and streamline workflows together!"

By default every website is coming with 3 pre-created groups by us.

Last update: 11-Apr-2024

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