Team Members

Team Members are user with special access to your website dashboard.

To add new Team Member:

  1. Go to Team
  2. Click the button "Add Member"


  1. User: Select valid user from your website. The user must have register on your website!
  2. User group: From here you can select the group that have "Access the control panel Enabled"
    If you select "All rights reserved" you will give full access to that member! That's an option but not recommended!
  3. Requirement to have Two Factor Authentication enabled: Enable this feature to enhance security. Once activated, users will be required to input a valid Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) code.
    Users must activate this feature to continue using the control panel


Users added to the team must log in through your website. The default URL for accessing the control panel can be found in the user dropdown menu.If you are using custom template you can add that link manualy. If you don't know how to do it, please contact your template developer.

Twig code:
{% if user.team.group_id != 0 %}
{{ translate('Control panel') }}

{% endif %}

Last update: 01-Aug-2023

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