Store Settings

Explore store settings to activate coupons, set minimum payments, and more. Dive into this article to master all features. Here we will explain all options.

To make changes:

  1. Go to Website settings > Webstore Setting


  1. Currency of your web-store: This currency is used for all payment methods. (The currency is global and not user-specific)
  2. Minimum number of products: The minimum number of products a user can purchase. Minimum is 1.
  3. Maximum number of products: The maximum number of products a user can purchase.
  4. Minimum payment amount: The smallest amount a user can pay during checkout.
  5. Maximum payment amount: The largest amount a user is allowed to pay in a single transaction.
  6. Allow coupons: Option to enable or disable the use of coupons.
  7. Maximum number of coupons: The highest number of coupons a user can apply to an order.
  8. Allow Vouchers: Option to enable or disable the use of vouchers.
  9. Maximum number of vouchers: The highest number of vouchers a user can use for a transaction.
  10. Allow users to make gift purchases: Option to let users buy items as gifts for others.
  11. Enable custom usernames: Allow users to enter custom usernames prior to payment. All commands will be executed for this username. Products set as gifts will be excluded. This feature is ideal for games like Minecraft.

Last update: 16-Sep-2023

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