Setup Custom Domain

In this guide, we outline the steps to link your custom domain with your website, created through our platform, using Cloudflare. Following these instructions will help ensure a seamless integration and a secure browsing experience for your website visitors.

How to Link Your GameCMS.ORG Website to Your Own Domain

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.

  2. Select DNS from the Cloudflare menu.

  3. Find the Add record button and click on it.

  4. For the Type field, select CNAME.

  5. For the Name field, put '@' if you're linking a main domain. If you're linking a subdomain, use the specific subdomain name.

  6. In the Target field, enter route.w-store.org.

  7. Select SSL/TLS from the Cloudflare menu.

  8. For SSL/TLS mode, select Full (strict).

  9. On the same page, enable the SSL/TLS Recommender.

  10. From the Cloudflare menu, select SSL/TLS > Edge Certificates and activate Always Use HTTPS.

  11. Copy and paste the entry you created into the appropriate box on your platform.

Last update: 10-Jul-2023

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