To enable this module:

  1. Go to Website Modules and find the module Votes (Not from the menu)
  2. Click Activation button if the module is not activated.
  3. Click the button settings if module has been enabled.


  1. Module Activation: Switch to "Yes" if you wish to enable this module.
  2. Lifetime Votes Display: If activated, this feature showcases all voters throughout history in descending order of votes. This is only functional if the plugin supports it.
  3. Recent Voters Display: Toggle this on to reveal the identities of recent voters.
  4. Top Monthly Voters Display: Enable this feature to display the top voters of the month. Please note that this function is only available if the plugin supports it.
  5. Vote Reminder: Activate this function to send reminders to your users to vote every x hours. By default, reminders are set to occur every 24 hours it can be edit only by HTML editor.

How to add new game

  1. Click the button "Add a game" at the top of the page.
  2. Select the game you want to add.
  3. Fill in the required fields.

Options while adding new game

  1. Activation: Set'Yes' to enable the game.
  2. Plugin: Select one of the plugins that our platform suport
    If your plugin is not there, please contact us we will try to add it!
  3. MySQL Server: Select valid MySQL Server. The server must exist in Integrations > Servers
  4. Table prefix: If the plugin uses a prefix, it must be entered here. For example, 'amxx_'
  5. Name in the website menu: This name will be displayed when more than one game is enabled.
  6. Link to the page: This page will be used when more than one game is enabled.

To enable this module:

  1. Go to the 'Votes Module' page.
  2. Select the specific game you're interested in.
  3. Within the game's section, find and click on the plugin you want to add the website to. This will open the plugin's settings accordion.
  4. Scroll down until you find a section titled 'Websites'.
  5. In this section, there's a button labeled 'Add website'. Click on it.
  6. A modal will appear, allowing you to enter the details of the new website.
  7. After filling in the required details, submit the form to add the website.

Quick Tutorials

How To Setup Module Votes
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