Module Upselling Products

This module allows you to display products on your web-store main page or during the checkout process, allowing your users to add more products to their cart.

How to enable the module

  1. Go to Website modules
  2. Find the Module Upselling products
  3. Click the button settings


  1. Activation: Set this to "Yes" if you want to Enable the module.
  2. How many products to display: This indicates the total count of products you wish to showcase.
  3. Show the most frequently bought products: Set this to "Yes" to display the products that customers purchase the most.
  4. Show products with valid discount: Set this to "Yes" to display all products with valid discount.
  5. Show Selected Products: Set this to "Yes" to showcase all selected products. Products can be selected by enabling the appropriate option on the product edit/create page.

Last update: 05-Jul-2023

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