Minecaft Ajleaderboards

With our AJ Leaderboards integration, you can easily display information on your website and show all player statistics.

How to Setup the AJ Leaderboards 

  1. Ensure you have added MySQL Server to Integrations -> Servers
  2. Ensure you have select a global MySQL Server from Integrations -> Minecraft
  3. Add the AJ Leaderboards  interface from Integrations > Minecraft > Plugins.
  4. Click on Add New Plugin to access the integration settings for the AJ Leaderboards.
  5. Once the plugin is added click on the button "Manage"
    1. You will see an empty page by default. Click on Add Statistic.
    2. Enter a Display Name – This is the name that will be visible to users on the website.
    3. Select the appropriate Statistic Name from the dropdown menu. Choose the statistic you want to display based on the options you've added to your plugin.
    4. Provide a Link to the page – This link allows users to navigate to the page from outside your website.

AJ Leaderboards MySQL Connection

If your AJ Leaderboards is not connected to MySQL, we strongly recommend doing so. For detailed instructions, please refer to the AJ Leaderboards wiki: Moving Storage Methods.

Last update: 15-May-2024

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