Server integrations, allowing you and us to integrate things like automatic commands, linking modules via mysql, etc.

To add new server:

  1. Go to Integrations > Servers
  2. Select one of the folowing Server Type
    a. Normal (GameCMS Plugin): This is normal survur where you will get a server key that is used to connect your Game Server with out platform that allow us to run commands and many more things.
    b. MySQL: These servers usually are used to connect Website Modules such as Punishments and etc.


Server Type MySQL:

  1. MySQL Host: This refers to the IP address or URL of your database host. It serves as the location where your MySQL database is hosted, allowing your applications to establish a connection for data retrieval and storage.
  2. MySQL Database: This represents the name assigned to your specific database. It acts as a unique identifier for storing and organizing your data within the MySQL system.
  3. MySQL Username: This is the designated username associated with your MySQL database. It provides authorized access to the database, allowing users to perform various operations, such as querying and modifying data.
  4. MySQL Password: This is the confidential password used to authenticate and securely access your MySQL database. We prioritize the security of your sensitive information by employing encryption techniques. The password is decrypted only when necessary, ensuring that your data remains protected throughout the documentation process.
  5. MySQL Port: This denotes the specific port number through which your MySQL database communicates. It enables the establishment of a connection between your applications and the database server, facilitating the seamless and secure transfer of data.
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