How To Integrate Plugins

Our platform works with pre-made plugins used by game server communities. If you don't see a plugin you need, please feel free to contact us.

How to Add Plugins for the Game You Want

Each game has its own section on our dashboard. To add plugins, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Integrations dropdown menu and select the game you want from the list of supported games.
  2. You will be directed to the main page where the game settings are. Each game has a section where you need to select "Global MySQL Server".
  3. Global MySQL Server helps facilitate easy work with your game server's MySQL and all plugins that use that MySQL.
  4. To add a MySQL Server, go to Integrations > Servers and select MySQL Servers as the server type.
  5. To add plugins for your game, go to Integrations > {the game you want} > Plugins. Click on the "Add Plugin" button at the top.

Each plugin has two sections:

Integration Settings

  1. Activation - Enable or disable the plugin (used for showing the plugin on your website if applicable).
  2. Use Global MySQL Server - Choose whether to use the main database from Integrations > {the game} > (Main page) or disable it to select a different MySQL server.
  3. Table Prefix - Prefix for the table the plugin will work with. Most plugins support this feature; check the plugin documentation or contact us if needed.
  4. Name in the Website Menu - The name displayed for the Plugin Interface on your website.
  5. Link to the Page - URL for the Plugin Interface, used to show information about the plugin (e.g., Punishments, Stats).

Plugin Settings

Each plugin has its own settings, with tooltips for help. Hover over the question mark to see more information.

Additional Information

If the plugin does not support "table prefix" but supports "tables", some plugins will offer an option in the Plugin Settings to input the plugin table name.

All plugins are added in the same way; differences lie in Plugin Settings. If a plugin requires extra steps, refer to our Documentation.

Some plugins have a "Manage" button, redirecting you to its page on our dashboard to manage the plugin. For example, for the "Punishments" plugin, you can add/remove/edit your punishments.

Last update: 04-Jun-2024

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