Custom Pages

With our custom pages feature, you can create as many pages as you require for your needs. Format them freely using HTML to suit your preferences.

To create a page:

  1. Go to Pages.
  2. Scroll down to locate the "New page" section.
  3. Click on the "New page" button.


Default Page Options:

  1. Home page: This acts as your website's landing page. Its content will be displayed when visitors access your main URL. It will be hidden if the option to show news from our Forum Module is active.
  2. Webstore page: This represents the text for your web-store. It will be displayed when visitors go to your /store link.
  3. Terms of Use page: Here, you can outline your website's privacy policies, terms of use, and other related content.

Custom Page Settings:

  1. Name: The title of the page as it will appear on your website.
  2. Page URL: The unique URL that users will use to navigate to this specific page.
  3. Content: Use our rich-text editor to design and draft the content of your page.
  4. Which groups can see this page: Set visibility restrictions. If specific groups are selected, only members of those groups can view the page.
  5. Should this item be shown to users: Toggle this to make the page visible on your website.
  6. Allow all users to see this page: If enabled, any group-based restrictions are bypassed, making the page visible to all users.

Last update: 29-Nov-2023

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