Custom Leaderboards

Custom Leaderboards are ideal for game servers with private plugins that are not public, as our platform supports only public plugins with a standard interface. They are perfect for servers that require custom leaderboard functionality for players and other entities.

What is coming with Custom Leaderboards ?

Our platform provides a simple interface for your custom leaderboards, including a simple table view. You can control which rows are displayed from your database with our placeholder syntax. A "Modal" page view is also available to show detailed information without overloading the main page.

Setup Instructions

To set up Custom Leaderboards:

  1. Navigate to Integrations > (Select the game) > Plugins and add a new Plugin named Custom Leaderboards.
  2. Click the button to add new Custom Leaderboards. A modal will appear with several options:
    • Table Name: Enter the name of the database table.
    • Primary Key Column: Enter the name of the primary key column, such as 'id' or 'steam_id'.
    • Sort by: Specify the column name to sort by.
    • Sort Order: Choose between ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC).
  3. Define Table Relationships if needed by clicking the Add Relationship button and specifying the join table and join condition.

Define Table Relationships

Link your primary table with other related tables. Provide the name of the table to join and the condition for the join. For example:

Join Table: stats
Join Condition: table1.steam_id = table2.steam_id

Note: A basic understanding of SQL JOIN statements is required.

Managing the Plugin

After adding the Custom Leaderboards, you can manage the rows to be displayed by clicking "manage" next to the plugin, then "Add new row" and configure the following:

  1. Display Name: The label users will see.
  2. Column Name: The name of the column from your table to be displayed.
  3. Display Value: How the value is presented, using placeholders like '%points%' for calculations.
  4. Show in Summary Table: Whether to show this row in the main table view.
  5. Show in Detail View: Whether to show this row in the modal detail view.
  6. Enabled: If unchecked, the row will not be displayed.
  7. Allow Search: If checked, users can search by this column.

Calculation Syntax

Use our calculation syntax for dynamic values. For example:

  • {%kills%+%deaths%}: Sum of kills and deaths columns.
  • {%kills%*%deaths%}: Multiplication of kills and deaths columns.
  • {%kills%/%deaths%*100}%: Kill/death ratio as a percentage.

Placeholder Syntax

Use placeholders to dynamically replace parts of the text with data from your database columns:

  • %deaths%: This will be replaced with the value from the "deaths" column.
  • {%steam_personaname%}: This acts as a placeholder and will be replaced with the value from the "steam_personaname" column.

Replace placeholders with your actual column names.

Steam Placeholders

To use Steam data in your leaderboards, employ the following placeholders:

  • %steam_personaname%: The player's Steam persona name.
  • %steam_profileurl%: The URL to the player's Steam profile.
  • %steam_avatar%: The URL to the player's Steam avatar image.
  • %steam_avatarmedium%: The URL to the player's medium-sized Steam avatar image.
  • %steam_avatarfull%: The URL to the player's full-sized Steam avatar image.
  • %steam_realname%: The player's real name as provided in their Steam profile.

These placeholders correspond to data that can be retrieved from the Steam profiles and will be replaced with actual player information when viewed.

Last update: 15-Apr-2024

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