Counter Strike 2 Plugin

Integrating your Counter-Strike 2 with our API allow us to make some of the processes automatically .

How to setup GameCMS Plugin for Counter-Stirke 2

  1. Download our official plugin from our GitHub page.
  2. Install the plugin by dropping the addon folder into your /path/to/csgo directory.
  3. Start or restart your server to activate the new plugin.
  4. Stop your server and navigate to the configuration file located at /path/to/csgo/addons/counterstrikesharp/configs/plugins/GameCMSPlugin/GameCMSPlugin.json
  5. Open the config file. Look for the ServerHttpPort entry. Enter a free port number that is not in use by any other service.
  6. Configure the database settings within the same file to ensure your server can communicate with the necessary databases.
  7. Restart your server to apply the configuration changes.
  8. Navigate to Integrations > Servers on our platform and select the option to create a new server. Choose Counter-Strike 2 as the Server Type.
  9. Enter the required details:
    • Server IP: Your server's IP address, excluding the port number.
    • Server Port: The port used to connect to your Counter-Strike 2 server.
    • Server HTTP Port: The port number you designated in the ServerHttpPort field of the config file.
  10. Click Create to finalize the integration setup for your Counter-Strike 2 server.
  11. Once the server is created and connected within our platform, go back and click on the Show Server Key button to reveal your server's unique API key - Copy that key.
  12. Reopen the config file at /path/to/csgo/addons/counterstrikesharp/configs/plugins/GameCMSPlugin/GameCMSPlugin.json and paste the copied server API key into the ServerAPIKey field.
  13. Restart your server.

Configuration Options:

  • ServerApiKey: This is the server API key used to create a new server instance for each of your servers.
  • WebsiteApiKey: This is your website API key. Currently, this option is not in use and can be ignored.
  • ServerHttpPort: This is the port you need to open for connecting the server to our platform.
  • FaceitToken: This is an optional field. To use this, generate a server-side token from the Faceit Developer Portal. It's used to display player levels and online player lists, for example on the K4 system.
  • DeleteExpiredAdmins: Set this to 'true' if you want to automatically delete expired admins from the database.


This completes the setup process. Your Counter-Strike 2 server is now fully integrated with our platform.

Command List

  1. css_gcms_reload_admins: Reloading admins, groups & overrides. These changes are applied to your admins.json, admin_groups.json, and admin_overrides.json. (You need to have root flag to run this command)
  2. css_gcms_k4syncranks: Syncs K4 system ranks with the database. This helps in providing a better view and performance on your website created by us. (You need to have root flag to run this command)

Last update: 03-May-2024

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