Counter Strike 1 6 Plugin

Integrating your Counter-Strike 1.6 with our API allow us to make some of the processes automatically .

Download GameCMS.ORG Plugin

Our plugin is open-source and can be viewed here: GitHub GameCMS Counter-Strike-1.6-Plugin

You can download the latest version from the GitHub page: Download

Installation Steps

  1. Create a new server from Integrations > Servers and select Counter-Strike 1.6 for server type. You will need your server IP, port, and RCON (RCON is optional but recommended. We ensure your password is encrypted so nobody can see it. Make sure your password is at least 10 characters long and includes 3 symbols, 3 capital letters, and 3 numbers).
  2. Once the server is created, click on "back" and you will see your Server key there.
  3. Download our plugins from our GitHub page: Download.
  4. Upload the folder into your server.
  5. To enable plugins, go to /configs/plugins/plugins.ini and add the plugins you want to use. Please note you must have them in this order:
    1. gamecms.amxx
    2. gamecms-admins.amxx (already included in the downloaded plugin folder)
    3. and so on. All gamecms plugins from the .zip file must be placed under gamecms.amxx

    gamecms.amxx must be in the first place.

Included Plugins

In the zip file you download, you will find gamecms-admins.amxx and advanced_bans_sql.amxx.

  • gamecms-admins.amxx: Used to control the admins. It is recommended to use this plugin.
  • gamecms-playing-time.amxx: Used to track player activity. It is recommended to use this plugin.
  • advanced_bans_sql.amxx: A custom version of the original advanced_bans_sql with better features. If you want to use it, it must be loaded after gamecms.amxx in this order:
    • gamecms.amxx
    • gamecms-admins.amxx
    • gamecms-playing-time.amxx
    • advanced_bans_sql.amxx

Plugin Commands

  1. gcms_force_commands: Force execution of all commands that are in Waiting status.
  2. gcms_reloadadmins: Reload the admins.
  3. gcms_addadmin: Add admin only for the server.
  4. gcms_removeadmin: Remove admin only for the server.
  5. gcms_importadmins: Importing users.ini into the database.

Advanced Bans SQL Commands

  • amx_ban
  • amx_banip
  • amx_addban
  • amx_unban
  • amx_banlist [start] -- shows everyone who is banned
  • amx_addbanlimit

If you want to use one database for all bans with separate bans for each server, set ab_single_server in amx.cfg to 1 like so: ab_single_server "1".

GameCMS Admin Plugin

With our Admin Plugin you are allowed to give users special flags in your servers. You can control the admins from our dashboard. Below you will find out how to install and work with that plugin! This plugin is not open-source and will not be at this time.

Possible Variables For the Store

  1. %player%: The user will be asked to input their Counter-Strike nickname, which should be 1 to 31 characters long.
  2. %steam_id%: This variable will automatically be populated with the user's confirmed Steam profile.
  3. %password%: The user will be asked to create a Counter-Strike admin password. It should be 5 to 55 characters long.
  4. %user_ip%: The user will be asked to provide a valid IPv4 address.

Plugin Configuration Keys

The configuration file /cstrike/addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins/plugin-gamecms.cfg includes the following keys:

  • server-api-key: Your unique GameCMS Server API Key.
  • website-api-key: API Key for website integration (default: "none").
  • admin-command-service: Command for the admin plugin to display if the player has any access flags (default: "service").
  • admin-delete-expired-admins: Determines whether expired admins should be deleted from the database (0 for no, 1 for yes).
  • advanced-bans-prefix: Table prefix for the server's advanced bans system (default: "s1").
  • gcms-sql-host: MySQL host address (default: "localhost").
  • gcmss-sql-db: MySQL database name (default: "amxx").
  • gcms-sql-user: MySQL username (default: "root").
  • gcms-sql-password: MySQL user password (default: "").

Last update: 05-Jun-2024

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