Counter Strike 1 6 Integration

Easily manage your Admins, Bans, and display statistics on your website with our Counter-Strike 1.6, using StatsX SQL or other compatible plugins.

Key Features Include:

  • Advanced Server Administration: Manage server admins, groups, and admin overrides with ease, directly from our dashboard.
  • Comprehensive Moderation Tools: Handle bans, mutes, gags, and more from your favorite plugins. Access and manage all plugins through Integrations > CS 1.6 > Plugins, allowing for seamless control over your Counter-Strike 1.6 server's moderation settings. For instance, with Simple Admin installed, manage all disciplinary actions directly from our platform.
  • Plugin Interfacing: Our platform also offers the capability to integrate interfaces for your plugins, such as displaying bans, gags, and mutes on your website. This is particularly handy with plugins like Simple Admin, enabling you to showcase moderation actions on your site. Interested in adding a plugin to the dashboard? Let us know!

Is This Service Free?

Yes, access to our dashboard's Server Management tools is 100% free. This includes a wide array of features that support your server's essential operations at no extra cost. However, premium features like the Plugin Interface, which allows for the integration of plugin functionalities directly on your website created through our platform, are part of our paid offerings. This means while using plugin management and moderation tools on our dashboard is free, deploying these interfaces on your website is a premium service designed to enhance your server's visibility and interaction.

How to Setup Counter-Strike 1.6 Integration

  1. Install our plugin on your servers: https://docs.gamecms.org/counter-strike-1-6-plugin
  2. We recommend you to enable our admin plugin so you can control your admins via our dashboard. You can have admin.amxx enabled along with our plugin. There won't be any conflict; just ensure you load our plugins after admin.amxx.
  3. Connect your MySQL Server with our dashboard.

How to Connect MySQL Server

To connect your MySQL Server, please follow these detailed steps:

  1. Navigate to Integrations > Servers on our platform's dashboard.
  2. Locate the form at the top of the page designed for adding a new server.
  3. In the form, select "MySQL" from the Server Type dropdown menu.
  4. Fill in all the required details in the respective input fields.
  5. After ensuring all information is accurately entered, click on the Create button to complete the connection process.

Additionally, to get your servers and plugins working perfectly:

  1. Go to Integrations > Counter-Strike 1.6 and select your global MySQL Server. This step is crucial for your server's connectivity and performance.
  2. Navigate to Integrations > Counter-Strike 1.6 > Plugins. Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of all the plugins our platform supports. It's your go-to place for extending the functionality of your server with ease.

By following these steps, you're setting yourself up for an enhanced Counter-Strike 1.6 gaming experience. Enjoy all the benefits our platform offers!

Last update: 24-May-2024

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