Integrating your Counter-Strike 1.6 with our API allow us to make some of the processes automatically .

Download GameCMS.ORG Plugin

Our plugin is open-source and can be view here -> GitHub GameCMS Counter-Strike-1.6-Plugin

You can download the last version from the github page -> Download

Plugin Commands

  1. gcms_force_commands:: Force execution all commands that are in Waiting status.
  2. gcms_set_server_api_key: Setting up server API KEY (This is the server key from Integrations > Servers)
  3. gcms_reload_ini:  Reload the ini file.

How to install Counter-Strike-1.6-Plugin

  1. Create new Normal Server from Integrations > Servers and copy the Server Key once is created.
  2. Download last GameCMS.Plugin.zip from our github page > Download.
  3. Upload it content to cstrike/addons/amxmodx.
  4. Add gamecms.amxx in your cstrike/addons/config/plugins.ini
  5. Use gcms_set_server_api_key command to set the server-api key.


GameCMS Admin Plugin

With our Admin Plugin you are allowed to give users special flags in your servers. Below you will find out how to install and work with that plugin!
This plugin is not open-source and will not be at this time.

Plugin Commands

  1. gcms_add_admin : Adding admin in users.ini. If you don't pass days it will be permanently.
    You must wrap everything in "quotes"
    Example: gcms_add_admin "Wohaho" "test123" c 16 - This will give user Wohaho access to flag c for 16 days.
    Example usaga with variables from our platform:
    gcms_add_admin "%player% "%password%" c 16
  2. gcms_remove_admin : Removing admin from 
  3. say /gcms-service: Showing information for the user if they have any valid services (admin flags)

Posible variables:

  1. %player%: The user will be asked to input their Counter-Strike nickname, which should be 1 to 31 characters long.
  2. %steam_id%: This variable will automatically be populated with the user's confirmed Steam profile.
  3. %password%: The user will be asked to create a Counter-Strike admin password. It should be 5 to 55 characters long.
  4. %user_ip%: The user will be asked to provide valid IPv4 address.

How to install the plugin

  1. Download the last version of gamecms-admin-system.amxx from our github page -> Download
  2. Upload the plugin into cstrike/addons/amxmodx/plugins
  3. Add gamecms-admin-system.amxx in cstrike/addons/amxmodx/config/plugins.ini
  4. Restart the server

Quick Tutorials

How to setup CS 1.6 Plugin
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