Counter Stirke 2 K4 System

With our K4 System Interface you can display a nice and friendly interface for your players to see what rank they are and much more.

How to Setup the K4 System

  1. Input your Steam API Key in Integrations > Steam.
  2. Ensure you have the latest version of the GameCMS CS2 Plugin. For more information, visit GameCMS CS2 Plugin Documentation.
  3. Sync your ranks with the database. It's recommended to do this whenever ranks.jsonc changes. This helps in providing accurate user ranks and performance data.
  4. To sync the server ranks you have to run css_gcms_k4syncranks - it can be run by anyone with the flag css/root.
  5. Add the K4 System interface from Integrations > Counter Strike 2 > Plugins.
  6. Click on Add New Plugin to access the integration settings for the K4 System.

Integration Settings

Configure the following base settings for the K4 System plugin interface on your website:

  • Activation: Should this interface be enabled on your website?
  • Use Global MySQL Server: By default, it's set to yes. If you select no, you will need to select a MySQL server. The Global MySQL Server is configured from Integrations > Counter-Strike 2.
  • Table Prefix: If your K4 system has a prefix, you will need to enter it here.
  • Name in the Website Menu: Use this to distinguish the K4 System in your website's menu when you have more than one plugin added.
  • Link to the Page: Provide a unique link for the K4 System plugin interface when you have more than one plugin added.

Plugin Settings

Adjust these settings specific to the K4 System plugin:

  • Limit First Top: Set the number of top users to display, minimum 1.
  • Select CS2 Server: Choose the CS2 server to which this K4 System interface will be connected.

Faceit Level Integration

We've added an option to include Faceit player information on your website. To set this up, you will need to generate a server-side API key from developers.faceit.com. Once obtained, open the GameCMSPlugin.json configuration file and insert a new field with your token:

    "FaceitToken": "your_generated_token"

Tip for Setting Up Rank Images in ranks.jsonc

To display rank images on your website, you must configure them in your ranks.jsonc file. Here's an example configuration:

"Global Elite": {
    "Name": "Global Elite",
    "Tag": "[GE]",
    "Point": 9300,
    "Color": "lightred",
    "Image": "imgur.com/1G3x6fe.png"  <--- add "Image" key with the value. The key must be "Image" key sensitive.

Ensure the "Image" key is assigned the path to the image without "http://" or "https://", just the hostname and the path. For example: "imgur.com/1G3x6fe.png".

You can find a collection of rank images to use at the following Imgur album: Rank Images Album.

Last update: 02-Jun-2024

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