Ajax Form Handler

The ajaxFormHandler is a utility designed to provide seamless AJAX-based form submissions. It comes with a suite of features to handle the submission process, including feedback to the user, custom headers, and response handling.


Before using the ajaxFormHandler, ensure that the ajax-form-handler.js script is included in your base.html file at the bottom, and before any other JavaScript blocks:

<script src="/assets/js/ajax-form-handler.js"></script>

{% block javascript %}{% endblock %}


  • Dynamic script loading: Loads toasts.js if not already present on the page.
  • Customizable handlers for various AJAX events.
  • Customizable headers for the AJAX requests.
  • Button spinner for visual feedback during request processing.
  • Notification via cookies for post-redirection messages.
  • Automatic handling of forms associated with buttons having class .ajax-handler.

API Methods:


  • onSuccess(callback): Set a custom success callback.
  • onError(callback): Set a custom error callback.
  • onBeforeSend(callback): Set a custom before-send callback.
  • onCompleted(callback): Set a custom completion callback.


  • setHeader(key, value): Add or modify headers for the AJAX request.
  • setData(data): Merge custom data into the form data.
  • removeSpinnerButton(buttonData): Manually remove the spinner from a button.
  • redirect(response): Redirect to a URL specified in the response and set a cookie notification if needed.

Usage Examples:

1. Attaching a custom success handler:

ajaxFormHandler.onSuccess(function(response, buttonData) {
    console.log("Custom success handler:", response);

2. Setting custom headers:

ajaxFormHandler.setHeader('Authorization', 'Bearer YOUR_TOKEN');

3. Adding custom data to the form submission:

    extraField1: 'value1',
    extraField2: 'value2'

Note: To utilize the ajaxFormHandler, ensure that the button triggering the form submission has the class .ajax-handler and a data-form-id attribute pointing to the form's ID.

Last update: 14-Sep-2023

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